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Give Your Mac The Finger

Computer security is no laughing matter. Even Average Joes should be concerned about the imminent threat of a security breach. We take it for granted that our computers, both desktop and notebook, contain a lot of personal information. Photos, letters, tax documents, projects, etc. So what can you do? 

Groove Agent 3 lets you synch up two different drum modules, for extremely dense and lush rhythms.  Anyone who makes—or listens to—music is well aware that, in the end, rhythm is the thing that keeps it all together and makes it gel. If you create your own tunes, you might feel constrained by using existing drum loops, and that’s where Groove Agent enters the picture: It’s a unique software drum machine that incorporates some innovative MIDI and sampled drum technology, and the result is one seriously groovy virtual skin beater.

DataColor Spyder 3 Elite

An Unblinking Eye On Color Accuracy

Propellerhead Reason 4

Sick Synths With All The Trimmings

Wacom Bamboo Fun

Drawing Tablet Sharpens Graphics Apps

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First Look: Fring

VoIP becomes a reality on the iPhone, sort of.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 1.0

Instant Visual Effects Recipes

Nikon D300

Stellar Shooter

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First Look: Adobe Media Player

Adobe attempts to take on a crowded field of video players.

Alien Skin Software Image Doctor 2

Get Me Photo Rx, Stat!