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Prima Select Sleek Envelope Style Case

A nice leather case for your 80GB iPod classic.

ifrogz Treadz

Silicone iPod nano case with a unique tire tread pattern.

XtremeMac Verona Sleeve for iPod touch

Striped leather case for the iPod touch.

XtremeMac Verona Sleeve for iPod nano

Leather case for the iPod nano.

iPod Cases: Reviewed and Rated

More iPod case reviews than you can shake a 1G iPod shuffle at.

Marware Sport Grip for iPod touch

Silicone skin for the iPod touch.

Incase Neoprene Sleeve for iPod nano

Neoprene case for the iPod nano.

XtremeMac TuffWrap Plus

It's like two iPod nano cases in one.

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SSD = Super Speed Demon

Boston Innovative IMEP MP-702-388

The screen’s nice, but you can’t play your brand-new iPod’s video on it.  The iMep MP-702-388 looks like a portable TV, and it is, but it’s also a boom box with an AM/FM radio, a DVD video player, a CD player, and an iPod speaker. The radio works well, and there’s a collapsible antenna to help with reception. We didn’t have much luck with the TV, even when we attached a TV antenna, but you if you have cable, just connect it to the iMep. DVD movies looked good onscreen, and you can use the included remote control to navigate through the DVD menus.