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Bone One's cuteness catches Robbie's attention.

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Brother HL-4070CDW

Employee of the Month.

Targus SoundUP

This device is supposed to make your digital music sound better. We’re not so sure.

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Creative Aurvana X-FI

Block out the sounds you don’t want to hear, and improve the ones you do.

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FON La Fonera+

Open your Wi-Fi hotspot to the general public and watch the cash trickle in.

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Need for Speed Carbon

 Need for Speed Carbon dumps drivers into a city full of tuner cars and racing crews that owe as much to West Side Story as to The Fast and the Furious. (Oh, how we wish rival crews would dance and snap their way through the plot.) If you can stomach the quirky premise, the game has a deep range of races and fun driving sequences—we never get tired of high-speed police getaways. Just be sure to ditch your keyboard and mouse, because accurate driving controls practically require a gamepad or racing wheel.

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Canon EOS 40D

Smile! You’re on Canon's camera!

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Apple MacBooks

Consistently good, but where's the "wow"?

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iPod Game Goodness

  The iPod game catalog has evolved from an eye-rolling list of classic videogame clones to a wide array of options. I played the latest batch over a sailing vacation, testing them on my iPod Video during lazy tacks. While nostalgic cash-in games make appearances—Sonic and Bomberman—I found a new favorite iPod game.

Equinux CoverScout

CoverScout can search Amazon’s music library for covers, but it doesn’t match the song with the correct album.


iTunes’ ability to display album artwork adds a visual element to your music collection, but its ability to actually get that artwork doesn’t always work. CoverScout can help fill those holes in your music collection, if you can work around some of its shortcomings.