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Squeeze 4.5 Compression Suite

Put the squeeze on your video

Otterbox Medium Laptop Case

Precious cargo requires tough-as-nails protection

iWow Plug-In for Mac

iWow's interface is a lot easier to use than iTunes' equalizer. And it's a looker. Discerning listeners tend to cringe at the audio quality of music from the iTunes Store, which uses lossy compression on its music files. They're faster to download, but at the cost of sound quality. Just when audio snobs thought the iTunes Store was off-limits to their sensitive ears, in swoops SRS's iWow Plug-in for Mac to improve the sound quality of your digital music.

GreatVideo 2.1

This DVD ripper is better - but slower - than the free alternative.

Fusion and NetDisk Portable

Two network-attached storage devices to ease your storage woes.

Disco 1.0

This disc-burning software is a competitor to Roxio's Toast.

ColorVision Spyder2express

If you like your colors very bright and very blue, try this calibration tool.

Clamp-On Surge Protector

Clamp on and plug in with this desk-grabbing surge protector.

Cinema 4D Release 10

This animation software is sublime in four dimensions.

BBEdit 8.6

Coders: Add this premium text editor to your bag of tricks.