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iPad mini with Retina Display Review

Over the past year, if you asked iPad mini owners what one thing they’d change about the device, odds were good that they’d respond with “add a Retina display.” Well, they obviously weren’t unheard, as the second generation of Apple’s scaled-down (in size, but not usefulness) tablet does exactly that—but not only that. This year’s new iPad mini with Retina display (see, it’s right there in the name) melds the superb design and build quality of the original with that long-awaited high-res screen and the heart of an iPhone 5s for one fantastic portable computing powerhouse.

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Mac Pro (Late 2013) Review

While the old Mac Pro limped along, receiving half-hearted updates (and wasn’t even available for sale in some countries), Tim Cook promised that Apple was “working on something really great” for pros. We expected to see something new and unusual, but the extent to which Apple has reinvented its high-end desktop is astonishing.

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iMac 21.5-inch (Late 2013) Review

The update of Apple’s iMac range has come less than a year after November 2012’s radical redesign, so it’s no surprise that it’s an internal refresh — Apple’s upgraded the processors to Intel’s newest chips, the Wi-Fi to the new, fast 802.11ac standard, and the graphics cards to Nvidia’s new GeForce 7-series GPUs. Solid-state storage — available as an option when ordering from the Apple Store online — is now PCIe-based, for faster SSD and Fusion Drives.