Demo - Utilities

Updated: Xupport 3.4.1

Take total control of OS X with this handy utility.

New: Compress Files 2.4

An easy-to-use tool for compressing, archiving, and encrypting files while omitting Mac-specific invisible files.

New: Remote Buddy 1.1

Make better use of your Mac's remote control with this neat application.

New: The Atomic Mac 6.7.0

An extremely complete software periodic table of the elements for your Mac.

Updated: 1Passwd 2.4.11

Create strong, safe passwords and manage them with ease.

New: BetterZip 1.5

Sometimes you only want to extract exactly those files you really need.

New: Health Tracker 3.1.0

A simple yet powerful program which helps you keep track of and graph any health related measurement.

New: Captain FTP 5.0

Be the captain of the FTP seas with this powerful FTP client.

New: BurnAgain DVD 1.2

Multi-session disc burning reinvented.

New: Amnesty Singles 1.2.1

Turn any Dashboard widget into a standalone application.