OnyX 1.3.1 (Jaguar/Puma)

Maintain, optimize, and personalize your Mac.

Monolingual 1.3.7

If you don't speak Urdu, why have it take up space on your hard drive?

FontDoctor 7.3

Got font problems? Not anymore.

DashQuit 2.1

Take better control of your Dashboard widgets.

Springy 1.2.2

Manage all your compressed-file archives with ease and elegance.

DetoxDiskz 1.0u

Protect your files when moving them among Windows, Unix, and Linux file systems.

Burnz 1.1.32u

Burn discs faster and more efficiently than the Finder could ever dream of doing.

AppZapper 1.8

Quickly and completely delete applications along with all their related support files.

You Control: Fonts 1.2

Fonts can drive you crazy; this app will restore your sanity.

StuffIt Standard Mac 11.0.2

Solve all your basic compression needs quickly and easliy.