ShredIt X 5.7

Shred any file so that its data can never be recovered.

Savvy Clipboard 2.1

Add easy-to-use multiple-clipboard capability to your Mac.

Preferential Treatment 1.1.7

Track down and easily eliminate corrupted preferences files.

PasswordVault Lite 5.2

This password manager offers auto-filling of Web forms, detailed reports, and much more.

Martian LifeBoat 1.0.1

Backing up to external media just got a lot easier.

iGet 2.5.5

This modern file-transfer tool supports all the file features that Mac users expect.

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.3

Effortlessly track your employee's hours and overtime.

NetworkLocation 1.1

Easily manage your network locations.

NetSpeedometer 2007

Graphically monitor the speed of your internet connection.

MailSteward 7.6.1

Archive all of your email for easy retrieval.