Software Vault

New: SketchFighter 4000 Alpha 1.0.2

Pen strokes waging intergalactic battles for the fate of humanity have sprung to life.

New: GooBall 1.0.2

Roll, jump, and slime yourself through fanciful worlds of wonder as the cutest little alien around, the Goober.

Updated: A Better Finder Rename 7.8.5

Easily rename multiple files in a matter of seconds.

Updated: Interarchy 8.5.3

Gain control over most every Internet file-transfer function, plus work with remote servers.

Updated: CLIX 1.8.0a

Harness the power of Unix - all of Unix.

Updated: TaskTime 4.3.5

Keeps track of time spent on projects, and generates invoices.

Updated: Power Manager 3.6.2

Automate when your Mac is on, off, awake, asleep, and secured.

Updated: iCalamus 1.09

This simple desktop publishing app provides great publishing freedom.

Updated: Spinnn 1.1.5

Move and spin falling game pieces and try to create horizontal lines.

Updated: Sound Byte 3.4.0

Play AIFF, WAVE, MP3, and other sound files at the click of a mouse.