Software Vault

DashQuit 2.1

Take better control of your Dashboard widgets.

DiscLabel 4.1.2

Your CDs can look as professional as though they were published by a major label.

NoteBook 2.1

Killer outliner and free-form database - easy to use, as well.

Springy 1.2.2

Manage all your compressed-file archives with ease and elegance.

Opal 1.0.7

Organize ideas, reports, lists, notes, projects, and graphics in outline form.

iWisdom 1.4

Track rich collections of wisdom.

Universal Soccer Manager 2

Become the virtual manager of - you guessed it - a soccer (aka football) team.

UI Browser 2.0.2

If you use Apple's GUI AppleScripting or Assistive technologies, you gotta check this one out.

Temporis 1.0.1

Create elegant timeline graphics easilly and quickly.

SWF to FLA Converter

This handy tool does pretty much what its name suggests...