Software Vault

Rainbow Web

Save the Rainbow Kngdom from the mighty wizard, Spider.

PCalc 3.2

Possibly the most versatile Mac calculator imaginable.

Lux Deluxe 5.6

A game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk.

Knitting Wizard 1.0.0

The traditional, calming hobby of knitting meets the digital age.

Jotz 1.3.52u

A powerful, linkable notepad and database app.

Geneforge 4 - Rebellion

Fight for good or fight for evil in the wild world of the Shapers.

Flash Optimizer for Mac 2.0

Powerful, feature-rich SWF-file compression utility.

DetoxDiskz 1.0u

Protect your files when moving them among Windows, Unix, and Linux file systems.


A user-friendly drag-and-drop GUI shell around the "class-dump" command-line.

Burnz 1.1.32u

Burn discs faster and more efficiently than the Finder could ever dream of doing.