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Streaming the iTunes

Nicecast lets you set up your computer as a streaming server that broadcasts your iTunes music to friends and coworkers over the Internet. I work in a cubicle with another person and we would both like to listen to the same iTunes music at the same time. But with the music coming out of just one of our computers, we have to turn it up so loud that it disturbs people in other cubicles. Same problem if we were to stream our music to an AirPort Express–equipped stereo. Is there a way that we can have the exact same music coming through each of our individual computers at the same time?

Eve Online Tips & Tricks

EVE Online has more than 5,000 star systems to explore.


EVE Online ($19.95 to start, then $14.95 per month to play, www.eve-online.com) is a complex, ever-evolving, futuristic MMORPG where you pilot one ship in a harsh universe with about 200,000 other players. You can attack or be attacked anywhere, at any time—and you can’t depend on the local authorities to help. By forging corporations (guilds) with other players and sticking to these hints, you won’t just survive EVE, you’ll be a parsec closer to true universal domination

Your Apple notebook is a thing of beauty, so protect its looks—and shield its sensitive parts from damage—with the help of these accessories.

Set up FileVault to keep that Home folder secure.  

Replace a Dud Battery

This thing could be a lemon, ya know.

Font Management Made Simple(r)

 At some point, virtually everyone has experienced at least one maddening font-based misfortune. Sometimes a completely wrong font is substituted for the one you intended, seemingly randomly. Or a font that used to work fine is now coming up corrupted. Or you use the wrong version of a font, and now your document has silently become pages longer. (And of course, these problems seem to only pop up when you’re working on a huge project with a tight deadline.) We’ll explain some of the mysteries of font management, and give you steps to follow to get your fonts in order and stop the madness.  

MacBook Survival Kit

 Enable disk use on your iPod classic or earlier and use it like a USB drive. And sync your iCal events and Address Book contacts with your iPod. With .Mac, you can also use your iPod as a backup destination in the Backup app.

Sharing an Internet Connection

If you’re using Leopard, here’s the screen that lets others mooch off your Internet connection.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online Tips

Lilly-livered landlubbers! Keep away from me booty! Yaargh!  With a plot that takes place after that of the three movies, Pirates of the Caribbean Online (free, disney.go.com/pirates/online) has you jumping into the massively multiplayer high seas with occasional cameos by Elizabeth Swann and William Turner—you can even help Jack Sparrow battle against Jolly Roger. Become the most infamous pirate in the Caribbean with a little help from your cutthroat guildmates and your pistol loaded with these tips.

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A Family of Leopards

The Leopard Family Pack living situation.