Tip of the Day

Switch the 3D Leopard Dock to 2D

1. After you download 2DOrNot2D, launch it and a single-button window appears. Click on the button. 

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Blue Glow iChat

 The missing iChat hologram effect has been resurrected from an early Leopard build.

Phew, we can rescue or secret plans for world domination - or pinch someone else's.

Fun with Leopard's Screen Sharing

A new feature in Leopard brings new meaning to "infinite loop."

Fix Crashing iTunes in Leopard

JoeSoft's Jax iTunes plug-in caused iTunes to crash when I installed Leopard. JoeSoft's Web site says they "are in the process of updating Jax to be Leopard compatible. This update will be posted shortly after Leopard's release."

 Cover Flow is a major new feature of the Finder in Leopard. It works similar to the way Cover Flow on the iPod works. It's especially handy when you're perusing a folder of pictures.