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Should I buy the iMac? As an aside, I constantly run Photoshop CS3.

Learn how to doctor your keyboard even if you're lacking a medical degree.

With the new OS being released in October and the possibility of iLife or iWork being bundled, when is the best time to get a new laptop?

Don't cross the streams.

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Color balancing your photos can be tough. Unless you have a calibrated monitor and profiled printer, it's hard to know how to get colors accurate in Photoshop. Fortunately, there's a decidedly low-tech solution: using a gray card.

Bring your organization into the new millenium by digitizing decades of newsletters. This might even work for a Vanilla Ice fan club.

If you didn’t know, some people use asterisks to express that they’re doing something, whether it be *dying*, *laughing*, or *typing madly*.

Believe it or not, the world of audio actually extends beyond iTunes and the iPod. When you’re facing well over a hundred audio-file formats (if you don’t believe us, see www.sonicspot.com/guide/fileformatlist.html and be amazed), understanding the world of digital audio may seem more than a tad overwhelming. Here’s a first step in comprehending the clouded mysteries of the digital-audio world.

Learn to print dark photos on your inkjet printer with a simple Photoshop tweak.

If you have a dead computer authorized on iTunes, you'll want to free it up for a different computer.