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How can I customize iChat?

If you're a bit bored with iChat, here are five ways to improve your iChat experience.

Can I make a screen saver out of my own video?

Make your own homemade videos come alive in Screen Saver mode - for free.

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5 More iPhone Tricks

After spending some time at my local mall during the official iPhone launch, I decided to saunter back to the Apple Store the following day to spend some time with the device, since I could get nowhere near it on Friday. Of course, I had seen the commercials and the keynote, and watched a few customers play with their new toys after the clock struck 6:00 p.m. but there's nothing quite like holding one of Apple's phones in your hands, sliding the unlock bar and watching iPhone's icons glide into position.

Is there a simple way to change my file and folder icons?

You can give your Mac OS X icons a makeover with Panic's CandyBar.

Is it possible to customize my Login dialog?

To make using your Mac even more entertaining, you can spice it up - starting with your login dialog.

Here's a simple way to organize your Mac OS X Apple menu just the way you like it.

How can I silence my Mac's start-up chime?

Quiet your Mac with an inexpensive, versatile, and powerful bit of shareware.

If Java stopped working on your newly upgraded Mac, there's an easy fix - and here it is.

Still using SCSI? You're either a glutton for punishment or a speed demon - or both. Here's how to keep that SCSI chain a-humming.

This may sound serious, but it's not. Read on for a quick fix.