Tip of the Day

Were not big fans of Apple's Mighty Mouse, but if you own one, here's how to teach it new tricks.

If you're running a version of AirPort that's slower than the latest-and-greatest 802.11n, you're S.O.L. - for now, at least.

Life is easier than you might think - a life, in this case, marred by Windows.

Why can't I install applications on my external hard drive?

Having trouble installing apps on an external drive? Read our advice, and your troubles will be over.

Yes, you can view photos all by their lonesome on an interactive DVD. Here's how.

A handy plug-in for Safari is all you need to make any site think you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. (Just don't tell your Mac-loving friends.)

Mac OS X's free word processor, TextEdit, has a ton of hidden powers.

Labels can be useful organization tools in Mac OS X - if you know how to use them.

Traceroute can show you exactly what hops and stops your Internet travel is taking.

Sherlock is an unsung hero of the Mac OS, unheralded but still useful. If your copy is giving you trouble, here's how to revive it.