Tip of the Day

CompactFlash cards are hardier than you might think - but despite what you may have heard, don't put them in your freezer or oven (here's why).

AppZapper does a fine job of ridding your Mac of applications and their associated helper files - but it's not the only standout in the category of uninstaller utilities.

You can share one iTunes master Library among many user accounts on the same Mac by following these simple steps.

Why Apple doesn't make iCal's Dock icon reflect the current date has puzzled us for years. Well, at least since July 17, 2002.

Whoever sent this question in to Ask the Experts is either going to be quite relieved or quite embarrassed - and quite likely both.

Try this quick-and-easy Terminal operation to tell your Mac to stop creating .DS_STORE files, and keep your Windows-using co-workers from having to deal with these phantom folder inhabitants.

iTunes 7 offers the ability to define how you manage your media.

Even older Macs can be upgraded to AirPort - if they're not too old, that is.

Can screen savers be saved as QuickTime movies?

Snapz Pro can record your screen savers as a movie file.

Want multi-page PDFs? How about in Illustrator? Adobe Reader? Adobe Acrobat? Or even Preview?