Tip of the Day

Converting Audio Files

It’s a snap to convert your WMA files into MP3 files with EasyWMA.

Synchronizing iCal to Outlook

BusySync 2.0 will synchronize your iCal calendar to your Google Calendar, and it will also synchronize your iCal calendar over a LAN or WAN to other iCal users.

How to: Buy The Right Camera

Choosing the right camera is ultimately a personal decision. Follow our step-by-step advice to help understand a camera’s critical features and help guide your purchase of the perfect digicam.

The Best-Kept Backup Secret

Backup your Mac with the Terminal.

The King of All Media

Point iTunes to the music on your network drive.  To store your iTunes library on a network, move your iTunes Music folder to the network volume, go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > General, click Change, and select the iTunes Music folder’s new location. Repeat the Preferences step for every Mac on your network, and authorize them to play any protected purchases from the iTunes Store. Some network drives, such as the Synology DS107+, can act as an iTunes server, meaning it shows up on your network as a Mac running iTunes, making its playlists available to other Macs.

Ditching Custom Dictionary Entries

The Forget button will remove any custom words that you added to your Mac’s spelling dictionary, as long as you can remember the word that you misspelled. 

Rehearsing a Keynote, Off Book

This checkbox (in System Preferences > Displays) lets you toggle between mirrored displays and dual displays.

Baby, You Can Drive My Device

USB Overdrive is the only USB device driver that you may ever need to install for your mice, joysticks, gamepads, and trackballs.

Show Me the Gmail

Set your default email reader to Google Notifier, and then clicking email links will launch Gmail in your default browser. 

Widget Woes

Throwing away your widget preferences can make your unresponsive widgets start working again.