Tip of the Day

Get a Room (for Your Text Messages)

Syphone archives all of your iPhone’s text messages on your Mac, and lets you export them into other formats as well.

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Too much window business

Privatize Your iTunes

Privatunes makes it easy to remove your personal info.  All iTunes Store music (DRM’d or not) has your name and email address in the song. Now, before you get all worked up and start spouting off about how your privacy is being violated, settle down. It takes someone with skills using Mac OS X’s Terminal to access the information in the song.

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Teeny-Tiny Text Got You Down?

Normal and Super-Size text  If you're having trouble reading the text on some websites try this easy fix. While on the offending site, press Command-Plus (⌘ +) to increase the font size. To decrease the font size press, Command-Minus (⌘ -). To return the fonts to normal size press Command-0 (⌘ 0).

Mailing & Merging in iWork ’08

In this letter, the word “First” has been enabled as an Address Book field, and will be replaced by the recipient’s first name when you perform the mail merge.

Syncing Problems with Palm

Move any conflicting conduits into your Disabled Conduits folder to get your Palm sync working again. 

Leopard Install Problems

Leopard's password paranoia

Cheap Memory

You can either use Crucial’s System Scanner tool or Memory Advisor tool to help you find the right memory upgrades for your computer.

Finder Alternative

Path Finder has too many features to list here, but this screenshot shows the tabbed browsing, smart sorting of folders, invisible file viewing, the Favorites toolbar, and the drop stack in the upper-left corner.

Leopard Dock Changes…

This is CandyBar’s Float theme, which changes the Dock indicator to a blue triangle.