Tip of the Day

iPod Shut Out?

 I just bought my new iPod classic a few weeks ago, but now it’s shut me out from using it. It doesn’t respond to anything I do, even when I try to force restart it. I tried restoring its software through iTunes but still it just shows me a little lock symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Time Machine Wireless Backup?

Time Machine can back up to another volume on your network, just not a USB hard drive connected to your AirPort Extreme router.

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Don't Just Give That Mac Away

Transfer AppleCare for fun and profit.

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Wrangle the Apple Remote


 If your Apple TV and computer are in the same room using the Apple Remote can be a pain. Suddenly, your computer is launching Front Row and browsing your prog rock collection. Before you start blocking the IR port with your Rush records, here are a few options to solve your remote problems.

DVD Preview

DVD’s Preview DVD Playback feature mimics what you’ll see on your TV screen.

Missing My iLife ’08


Keyboard Shortcut Question

We’ve assigned a whole bunch of hot keys in Keyboard Maestro to help us perform different tasks, such as pressing Control-4 to increase the system volume.

Mapping Network Drives

An alias to the network hard drive is sitting in the Dock, so it’s just one click away for easy access.

Holidays A'Poppin

Apple offers a U.S. Holiday calendar (along with over 130 other calendars) that you can subscribe to.

iPhone In Sync

Entourage’s preferences let you turn on Sync Services so that your Entourage data is always kept in sync with Address Book and iCal.