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Not all keyboards are created equal. Mac|Life managing editor Susie Ochs demos the differences between the three different types to help you pick the right one.

Protect your 'Book, whether you're a Road Warrior, Urban Dweller, or Leather Lover.

Video: CoolMacPicks - The iPhone Is Here!

Join our intrepid editors as they brave the surging, shouting, cheering crowds at San Francisco's flagship Apple Store to get their hands on the much-anticipated iPhone.

In this episode, CoolMacPicks takes a look at an iPod remote control.

In this episode, CoolMacPicks has a couple of very cool iPod shuffle accessories.

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CoolMacPicks showcases some very cool travel accessories for your iPod.

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An inside look at DriveSavers, which has been rescuing Mac data from failed hard drives for 22 years.

We'll bet that our prototypical aging hippie - Rainbeaux, by name - knows more about your favorite daily writing tool than you do.

Video: How to Create a Dock-Based Launch Folder

Keep your Dock tidy and still be able to launch your favorite apps with a single click.

Video: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Take a guided tour inside a mobile, state-of-the-art recording studio.