Dads and Grads

Henge Docks MacBook Docking Station

Henge Docks

Henge Docks has created the first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers. Our docks neatly incorporate your MacBook computer into a desktop setup or home theater system, giving you the best features of a laptop, desktop and media center PC all from one computer.

MSRP | $59.95 - $74.95

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer


Let's Talk Dirty. The First Ever UV Cell Phone Sanitizer. A great gift for dads and grads! Studies show that nasty germs and bacteria from everything you touch can easily transfer to your cell phone, earbuds, Bluetooth headset and other gadgets. The first ever UV Cell Phone Sanitizer from Violight uses pure germicidal UV light to eliminate 99% of strep, staph, H1N1 and all kinds of other germs from your favorite tech gizmo in just minutes. For an exclusive dads and grads discount, visit and take 20% off when you use code ML611 at checkout!

MSRP | $49.99


High-definition, noise-isolating headsets + earphones

The perfect audio upgrade for the Apple enthusiast. The hf3 and mc3 high-definition, noise-isolating headsets + earphones are made for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. hf3 $179 and mc3 $99 offer best-in-class sound quality, noise-isolation and CUSTOM-FIT earmold upgrade. An Etymotic headset will undoubtedly be your Dad's or Grad's favorite gift.

MSRP | hf3 $179 | mc3 $99



Hold your tablet securely and comfortably with the Hand-e-holder. It fits any tablet, including the iPad 2. It allows for 360-degrees of rotation and comes with a mobile mini-stand. Coordinating hands-free options include stands, clamps and wall mounts. All products are 100% made in the USA.Order yours today at Get a 20% discount with code DADNGRAD at checkout.

MSRP | $39.99



The Rokform Rokstand V.1 Desktop Stand is truly a mechanical piece of art. This stand is form and function working together in perfect mechanical harmony; a true conversation piece on any desk or airline flight. Complete the set with a Rokform Rokbed all CNC Machined Aluminum or Magnesium iPhone 4 case. Both the stand and the case are CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in a variety of colors to fit most any taste. Dads and grads and everyone in between will appreciate the quality, fit and finish of these USA made products from Rokform.

Stands MSRP | $179.00 - Covers MSRP | $89 (aluminum) $159 (magnesium)



Vector drawing program with a balanced feature set, not bloated with obscure computer illustration procedures or traditional CAD complexity. Great for technical drawings, text/page layout, computer art, architectural plans, letters and forms, logo design, flow charts, genealogy charts, maps, scientific illustrations, app icons, web graphics, and more.

MSRP | $139.00



Turn Paper Piles into Digital Files with Neat® Neat’s integrated scanner and software solutions capture key data from your receipts, business cards and documents, and organize it into a digital filing cabinet of your important information. Order now and receive free shipping on any Neat scanning solution! Visit or call 866 395 7075.

MSRP | $399.95

Camera Plus Pro

Global Delight

Camera Plus Pro has all the artilleries in place to give you the best videos and pictures. Discover unique features of Camera Plus Pro like Wi-Fi Sharing, Video Zoom, Time-lapse, Private Collections, Gesture Support for easy editing and many more. A perfect way to explore iPhone photography!

MSRP | $1.99

DataVac® ElectricDuster®


The last “can of air” you’ll ever have to buy! Metro’s new DataVac® Electric Duster® is a high-performance “green” alternative to throwaway “canned-air” computer dusting products. It features an all-steel body built to last and comes complete with a full range of high-quality computer cleaning attachments. Made in USA… Costs less than 5 “cans of air”!

MSRP | $82.50