P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins’ first step into the world of portable audio is less like a step and more like an orbital leap. B&W has always been applauded for rich sound and contemporary design, but its first headphones to hit the market, the P5s, are so far ahead of the times that they feel avant-garde.


South of Market Edition Audio Dock

Your iPod excels at serving up music for one, but using it to entertain a crowd is problematic. Speaker docks are an option, but most are anemic at best, more suited to background music in your cubicle than serious listening. Audyssey’s South of Market dock changes all that. Taking inspiration from San Francisco’s famous party ‘hood—SoMa to the locals—known for bars and nightclubs that go bump in the night (and well into the next morning), Audyssey’s first consumer device delivers amazing sound and comes packed with some stellar features.