Etymotic hf3

You won’t get the bass thump of earbuds built for boom, but what you will get is accurate sound reproduction. The hf3 can reproduce frequencies from 20Hz up to 15kHz, and we had no problems with ear fatigue when using them for extended listening.


StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

In spite of a few kinks, Wings of Liberty is an incredible start to the StarCraft II saga. The story draws you in, expands on the game’s universe, and leaves you wanting to see how it ends via the upcoming expansion packs. Which hopefully will be out before that 12-year-old kid learns how to drive. StarCraft is back.

RSS Reader

Acrylic Software Times

Reading RSS feeds in Times is a delight. Between the iconic, attractive presentation and the ability to set up your own sections of your “newspaper,” it makes RSS feeds both fun and useful to read again. And if you want to save something for later, you can call up a “shelf” where you can permanently save links to stories. You can also share them via email, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Delicious.

iPhone Game

Plants vs. Zombies (iPhone)

Natural-feeling touchscreen controls elevate much of Plants vs. Zombies above the computer original. Tapping welcomes beginners more than a mouse, while advanced gamers can use multiple fingers to quickly pick up on-screen items, select and lay plants, and otherwise manage the game.