Microsoft Excel for iPad Review



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Nice review thanks. The excel app is fine but for heavy users computer remains the best tool. In fact, for all kind of excel users computer remains the best. That’s why after a month I resign my 365subscription to return to my laptop for creating and editing my spreadsheets, and even remove the free app as soon as I already have a viewer in my productivity app Beesy (actually almost all apps allow you to view spreadsheets… so you better put efforts in finding the best business app rather to go for a simple viewer).
It’s the same for Word for ipad: computer is always better. However I found the word app better than the excel one…



This is the real deal. If you are using Numbers as a table editor, no need to pay for Excel/Office 365. But if you need Excel to sort and do extensive calculations, it is finally here. For example, a sort on my iPad Air is so fast that I really can't measure it. The same sort in Numbers takes nearly a MINUTE. If you need a spreadsheet then it is worth checking this out. If you need a table editor, Numbers is good enough.



can you do a comparison between iWork and Office? yes it would be lopsided but it would be nice to see a real report not just taking money from microsoft to advertise... (looking at you MLS)

1. iWork = Free >Office = $$$
2. iWork = iCloud > Office = Windows style file management
3. iwork = Great UI > Office = Half baked UI
4. iWork = Works with all formats > Office = locked in to microsoft formats
5. iWork = Made for iOS/OSX > Office = Made for widows 93