RSS Feeds


Q. What are RSS feeds?
A.'s RSS feeds - also known as XML feeds - are handy ways to keep up-to-date on all the new material published on Each feed provides you with you the title and summary of every new article in the various sections of our website, as soon as that article is published.


Q. How do I take advantage of RSS feeds?
A. You’ll need a news reader application. There are a number of good ones for Mac OS X, such as NetNewsWire ($29.95, and NewsFire ($18.95, There are also freeware gems such as Feed ( and the News Reader Dashboard widget ( There are also Web-based RSS readers such as Google Reader and My Yahoo. Many Web browsers also support RSS feeds - check out their individual help systems for ... well ... help.


Q. How to I set up my news reader to work with RSS feeds?
A. Details may vary for each news reader app, but the general procedure for subscribing to an RSS feed is essentially the same with each. Just launch your news reader, click on one of the RSS feeds in the list below, then copy and paste the URL for the page that appears into the appropriate location in your news reader.


Q. What RSS feeds can I subscribe to?
A. Here y'go:


All Categories - the whole enchilada: everything new that's posted on


News - our daily news roundups, plus any other breaking news


Reviews - hardware and software reviews from the pages of Mac|Life, the magazine


Blogs - the Mac|Life editors weigh in on current Mac and tech issues


How-To- detailed how-to articles from Mac|Life, the magazine


Tip of the Day - your daily dose of expert advice


Listen - reviews and news of a broad range of audio products


Play - reviews and news of games and other entertainment products


Podcasts - Mac|Life editors discuss the news of the week