Win a $500/500lb Bag!



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Dude...this is the ultimate bag!!! I've been salivating for this bag for almost a year... I go to saddleback leather's website several times a week to look for one of Dave's Deals to find one a little more affordable since cash is so tight. As a matter of fact, I was on today and there was a problem with their website... they are running their site with ruby on rails and it kept coming up with an error. I emailed them, since I had emailed them several times they are in my contacts, and let them know there was a problem with their website... they sent me a very nice thank you. Someday, whether or not I win your contest, I WILL have a Saddleback Briefcase... and my kids will be fighting over it when I die!



I commute via a very crowded bus an hour each way to work and back. No Apple product should ever touch those seats, and forget about the floor! I could really use a bullet-proof bag like this. Does it have a ziplock seal?



My birthday is mar 28th and my boyfriend makes fun of me as I carry all these bags around aka bag lady. LOL

I am too young to eb a bag lady and would much rather look like a chic one by winning this awesome bag to carry my ipad and new nano.

Rock on \,,/



I NEED the bag because it'll look so AWESOME when I take it to the San Diego Comicon this year, filled with my Macbook Air and all the comics I need autographed....

Also I can bench-press all your editors ( except maybe that guy to the extreme right in the picture. My right, not yours...)



I moved to Colorado last year and this bag would look so awesome -- Leather, Mac, and me. I'm on a horse.



Any classy gentleman who is anybody has a hefty leather bag, so basically, I need it to become a classy gentleman.



Definitely could use the bag to carry all my heavy medical school books and MacBook Pro to and from class every day.



My reasons are threefold:

It'll last 'till those Nostradamus predictions actually do come true (or at least a hundred years, and that's plenty long for me), will hold all my tutoring books and blackbook with ease, and will provide a great showpiece to chat with others about the great folks at this super-duper magazine.

Oh, and I can press a bench at least as well as any Mac|Life editor. Especially with a new Saddleback Bag to help counter-balance.



This Saddleback Leather bag is so nice and beautiful. It is a good ideal having this bag for going to school, work and hanging out with friends. The main reason i would like about it is this Saddleback Leather bag protects my great magazine inside, Maclife march 2011.



Looks like it would make a killer paperweight. I could use that. As for the bench-pressing, I can bench 300 pounds. Not all at once, but I can do it.



Nice satchel... but do they make one for men?



I can bench-press whatever the editors can, and bench-press the editors and the bag too. This bag looks like it could hold up to my abuse and last much longer than a typical nylon bag. Gimme.



No one can see the awesomeness of my Mac when I'm carrying it in my everyday Jansen pack that everyone else seems to own three of. Give this to me so my awesome Mac can have an awesome bag to share in the glory of awesomeness together as I carry both to/from work and school!

With that, I think I could bench-press more than the MacLife editors.*

*I probably can't.



This would be the perfect excuse to never go to the gym again. And I can bench ten of these things at once, so do the math...



I'm disappointed my 11" MacBook Air weights so little. I need this to offset its lack of heft.


liberty knight

I've spent the last several months perfecting my screenplay. This sturdy beautiful bag would hold the captivating story's 2600 pages, sitting on a mahogany table at the producer's..or a cache of blood red rubies and mixed charms from the Orient,and 9 boxes of Gray Cliff Pirate Cigars.

I can bench press 2 poodles.



I love this bag! It would look great carrying back and forth to my classes. I'm a teacher and try to stay on the awesome side of being a teacher by keeping the latest stuff. I totally think this bag is for me!



I'm going to have to use it as a small apartment after buying the new mbp 15"!



Love Leather! Would look great slung across my shoulder/back as I ride my horse off into the sunset!

Also, I'm working on my Apple Certifications and I think this bag would create that "this gal is a solid investment" sort of feeling in my customers.



I should win this bag because being a friend of Chuck Norris has it's advantages..
Oh , and did I mention I have a gimp leg, it will help me balance myself to the left when I do my round house kick.



I would love to get this bag, retiring my current bag that I carry as a graduate student. My current leather bag has a strap that is coming unstitched, and i need something that could handle carrying my (now 42 month old) 15" macbook pro and a book or two. And this certainly fits the bill for a grad student budget, while looking great and with durability to handle Michigan winters.

Oh, and I probably cannot bench press more. I'm fueled more by coffee than protein shakes, so I've never been bulked up to make those claims. I'm awake, though.



OK, here's the story. I'm a Mac fan, I turned 50 last year, and I'm too big to enjoy a mid-life-crisis sports car. But I AM big enough to heft this bag (with all of my stuff) and proudly tell EVERYONE that I received this bag via MacLife. This looks like a tremendous briefcase and I would be honored to be chosen the winner.

Enough sucking up. Hope that if you don't pick me, the winner experiences many years of enjoyment and utility from this Saddleback case. Oh, and I'd bet I can bench more than any of you guys, except for the fellow in the front right corner of the photo. He and I would probably be neck and neck.



That bag is "Large and "In Charge"! Plus its leather, so that should satisfy any dominant leather fetish one might have.



This bag is all about me - stylish, sexy, and heavy duty. The awesome leather would match the interior of my Ford King Ranch 4x4 which I could use to haul around this hefty bag thus saving my back for bench pressing the editorial staff.



I really want it.



even if i can't bench press more than the MacLife editors, i'll still feel good about myself if i have that bag.



It would certainly look cool for carrying my 17" MacBook Pro to the classroom, and it would fit all of my lecture notes and other assorted items as well. And after doing that a few weeks, I could probably out-bench-press everyone!



If i had that bag, i would definitely have to retire my 12" iBook g4 to the big shelf in the sky and get something shiny



Because I'll be the only person in Ireland with one. It's a fact. I've phoned every osteopath and back specialist in the entire country and no patient has come in complaining of Saddleback pain. I'll be the first! And we laugh at pain in the Emerald Isle. Actually there's not much else to laugh at right now.. so bring it on..!



I could really use this bag for all my travels abroad. Being a U.S. Navy Submarine Sailor keeps me deployed quite a bit. Going up and down a 30 foot ladder every day and squeeze in and out of a small hatch has taken its toll on 3 bags I own over the past year. So to say that I REALLY WANT AND "NEED" THIS BAG is an understatement. Besides it is really cool looking.



I want this bag for when the zombie apocalypse happens. From me being weighed down by half a cow they might have a little hope in catching me.



I need this bag to help with my health insurance. As an over the hill geek I have depended upon my monthly visits to my chiropractor to keep my bad back operating at acceptable levels. Now my health insurance company will not pay for routine, maintenance visits. They will only reimburse expenses for visits that are incidental to actual events leading to the back plain. I am sure a photo of me carry the saddlebag loaded with my gear sent to the insurance company will reinstate the reimbursement payments, presto!!!!



Yeah, ok, so I might have a bit of a bag fetish. So yes please...



I could use this looks indestructible!



That would be perfect for caring sheet music and a harmonica or ten.



Can I bench press more that your staff? Two words.."Mos-Def!" By the way if the five of you are in a diner smiling, eat your pie already and keep trying to figure out how many gum balls the bag will hold. Really that bag needs to be carried and not smiled at so let someone strong enough to hoist the bag use it as his daily hauler. I'd replacing an old Oakley bag literally falling apart at the seams and making a serious play as Principal Rooster Cogburn in True Grit as I walk into the school building! All I'd be left needing is an eye patch!



There's MULTIPLE reasons to want one of these. Aside from them being drop-dead GORGEOUS bags though, the reason that I want one is that I want something that my kids would be proud to carry after I'm gone. To many things in today's world are built to last until the next development cycle. Nothing is made to last anymore. Remember your grandmother's cast iron skillet? the one that's well worn with the awesome natural non-stick coating built up from years of cooking? That's something that you're proud to have because it has history. It has your family memories ingrained in it. THAT'S why I want one of these bags!



I suspect the MacLife editors can bench-press a colossal, monstrous, elephantine mass of weight, plus I'm not very strong, so you have me beat there. But, if I had that bag, I could use it daily to give my arms and back a workout and potentially get stronger to one day give your team a run for its money.



I love sturdy leather bags, and I know this would handle everything I have to lug around.



I've wanted one of these bags for forty years! They would be perfect for travel and could carry a MBA, MBP, and iPad all at once.



I'm planning a trip to some sketchy parts of Central America and think this would come in very handy in protecting against random machete attacks. It already has a great worn-in look, so I'm not worried about someone trying to steal it. Actually, a couple whacks from a machete might even contribute to that well-worn look.

And yes, I'm sure I can bench press more than the MacLife staff as I've been in training for my trip, improving my "sprint in the face of danger" speed and launching random objects at potential attackers.


Gary Bandy

There once was a mag named "MacLife"
Though their staff's just as sharp as a knife
Out-bench press me they can't
For their muscles are scant
And I doubt they could out press my wife.

The Saddleback bag must be mine
Its leather as thick as it's fine
I need it to store
MacBooks, Ipods and more
And I think this will be my last line.



After having 4 children, I have carried my share of lightweight, pretty bags. I'm ready for a man's bag and this fits the bill perfectly!



Saddelback is the perfect name for such a behemoth pile of leather, best used to protect a mammoth machine of power such as a Macbook Pro. There is no other bag on the market that could protect my Macbook Pro from any road rash I might get from wrecking my bike. If i had two they would make the perfect saddlebags for my 750 shadow. These bags were made to ride!



I would use this bag for about anything really. Not sure if you pick randomly or by who you believe is the most clever. If Randomly then it really doesn't matter what I am typing or if I can bench press more than the Mac|Life staff. If you choose by who is the most clever then I guess I am out unless you think I'm clever not trying to be clever. Anyway have a great day whoever is reading this.



It has to be French, only they hate us silly Americans so much that they would plot to destroy Le Vertebrae! Sacre Bleu! Mondieu! Especially having to carry Le Macbook Pro, Le IPad & Le IPhone (AT& T ARGHHHHH!).

I think I can outbench everyone there except "Le Ray", he'll give me a run for my money...


Karaoke Ninja

How would I love this bag? Let me count the ways:
1) For it's durable construction
2) for it's weight, which would keep weak thieves from even consider swiping it
3) for the knowledge that this will become a family heirloom
4) for it's ability to switch to a backpack, thus saving me from back strain
5) for showing it's scratches as badges of honor
6) for being a gift from my favorite magazine!
7) for many other reasons, too, but you get the point. I'm a fan.



It would look good on the back of my Harley holding my iphone and Macbook air - outstanding.



when i'm not using it, i plan on loaning/renting it to anyone required to travel to war torn areas of mexico. probably works better than kevlar, with more style to boot.....



This would be a greta bag for a MacBook Pro, iPad, DSLR, and a couple of lenses and accessories. It looks great too! It kind of reminds you of something a street photographer from the past would carry. Good work!