Win a $500/500lb Bag!



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I signed up just to say that I really don't need this. I'm from Sri Lanka, but I'm willing to pay for shipment though!



i really need this bag because i love maclife



That looks like a real high quality bag. I want one!



Anybody say Indian Jones? That’s what it would feel like to carry this imho.


John Dory

Thank you for finding my bag! I left this inadvertently in your timeline while performing some research on the Oppenheimer-Dirac field effect. You may have read this story on your Newton Message Pad (or whatever you call them here) where the Jet Blue pilot and a female passenger accidently picked up one anothers bags but the pilot's bag contained his 40 calibar sidearm. The female passenger's bag contained original documents from J. Robert Oppenheimer and Paul Dirac documenting their collaboration at Gottingen which eventually led to the Oppenheimer-Dirac field effect. In your timeline they evidently did not form the mutually beneficial partnership that they enjoyed in my timeline. The source of their mutual acrimony for one another was the subject of my reasearch. Those documents belong to my timeline and our intended for display to celebrate the centenial anniversary of their ground breaking work. Unfortunately, the random event of the bag swap left those documents here where if they are discovered could significantly alter our parallel time lines. You can undertsand my relief upon discovering the very bag I need to facilitate the swap, which you have already awarded to me. You can verify this by examining the bag now to ensure that neither the Oppenheimer-Dirac nor the 40 calibar handgun are held within. If either (or both!) are there then accept my apologies and I will honor the place where are timelines merged into the void. As a postscript your timeline is a real kick with your extremely advanced Apple consumer electronics and internal combustion engines sharing the same space and time!



I will start pumping iron immediately, so I can carry that gorgeous piece of leather on my shoulder without crumbling. My current laptop bag is ready to be put out to pasture anyway. Thank you for the opportunity.



I could really use this bag so the people at work stop making fun of my current laptop bag that my wife bought me for my birthday that I'm forced to keep using in order not to hurt her feelings. This would be a win-win-win for everyone.



I'd like it because I'm a poor graduate student who will never be able to afford something like that.



This is a bag Clint Eastwood would use, if he carried tech gear in Unforgiven. That is a badass bag!!



This would be perfect for carrying my thinkpad! ... i mean apple product...

maybe with this nice a bag I can finally justify a macbook.



I want this bag because I have a horse that looks just like it!! If the editors have been carrying this bag around no one will be able to bench press more than they can!



I would use that bag to carry around all of the great stuff I got off of Mac|Life! and the benching? Lets just say I think I can handle it.



I want it so someone else can't have it.



I don't want that bag, it's ugly and it would just sit in my closet collecting dust and I would bust it out for one random thing in the future.



I would like this bag because it looks awesome and would look even more awesome with a Mac in it. I can't afford to buy for one myself since I just started working but winning this could definitely embrace more confidence on my shoulders carrying the saddleback into work everyday. As far as bench pressing, that could be a toss up. May have to watch a strongman competition to get pumped up.




I'm a physical education teacher, that gets no respect when it comes to my peers because of my lack of suit and tie. My students don't mind because I get to teach them how to stay active and healthy. But me being a greedy person I like to have it all. So what better way to not only earn the respect of my peers and model a healthy lifestyle by own my very own Saddleback Briefcase! Despite my lack of tie and suit my peers can't help but gawk at my beautiful leather briefcase and thus earn their respect/jealousy for owning such an awesome bag. And my students get to see me carry this five pound monstrously around and in turn will be inspired to carry their own heavy things on their backs. So for the sake of the Health Lifestyle for children of the future I implore you to let me win this back. Thanks !



i could use it... id use it every day and itd get better looking each day. i could use it just like you could use another name on your subscriber list... in fact i have read your tweets forever, although this bag got me to register on your site and my info to your growing list :) job well done my friends!



I will love it, and pet it and call it George.



If Rooster Cogburn had a laptop THIS would be the bag he'd carry the thing in. OH, and I wanna be like Rooster Cogburn! Also I can bench press more than the MacLife crew so the bag will not be a burden on me....



I have recently been through a very difficult job loss and it would be amazing to get the bag of my dreams for the few possessions that I haven't had to sell. This looks like an amazing!! bag!!! Thank you for offering it up as a give away.



This would be perfect to carry around all the dead trees I need at work. Even better, with a bag this cool, I could shame the IT idiots who won't let Apple products touch their precious network. (They still force us to use IE6, for God's sake, so you can see why we resort to schlepping around binders. Help me.)

On the bench press, I'll hold my own just fine. Actually, I can hold one and a half of me just fine, so I'm sure I'll do okay against the editors.

And on top of that, really, there just isn't anything better than a big old hunk of dead cow... especially if it's rare... with a lot of salt.


Dumb Br0ad

I'd fill this bag with skittles and just hold my Macbook Pro. NOM



With this bag I can get in shape by carrying an iMac instead of a laptop.



Since I grew up around horses, but am now stuck in classrooms all day in a city, this bag would take me back to my roots.

As for the Mac|Life team - I'd no sooner be able to out-bench-press you guys than I would be able to make it through a day without reading your site!



I need it cause you can never have too many sturdy bags



My employer does not allow us to use our own computers on the network, but the Dell that they have provided is garbage. (I'm being diplomatic.) I can't, of course, leave my macbook at home, so I find myself with two computers on the go at all times. A bag like this could be a great thing for a guy in my situation.

Two laptops in a bag this size could initially be a problem, but after a few weeks I think I would be able to challenge the editors in the weight room...



This bag is so much manly-er than the bag my wife makes me carry. I need this bag.



Who wouldn't give their right arm to feel like Indiana Jones?! I would give both arms but, then I guess I wouldn't be able to carry this studly bag.

As far as lifting the editors, I think it could be done but, more importantly could I lift the bag? That answer is a big solid "YES!" Besides, what other bag would do my macbook pro, Ipad, Iphone and Ipod justice? *Moment to think* Yep! Thats what I thought! NONE!



Well I am a chick but I think this is a good looking bag. As far as benchpressing, I can do about 75lbs. & 165lbs on leg press and so on. I hope to win the bag because I think it's neat, I will use it as a purse and all around bag, put my gym clothes in, and of course my Mac Book!

Love you Mac!



well my last macbook slipped out of its case and fell 7 feet to it's death. This bag looks like nothing could fall out and if the whole bag fell it looks like sufficient padding.

Also im young and live off of coffee, so I'm not arthritis prone (like you mac lifers :P ) and i have enough energy to cary that thing up a mountain



I could use it! i need a better case since i have put three or four dents in the aluminum of my macbook pro :D



I want this bag so when people look at me and ask why am I putting my macbook in a ugly leather bag, I can tell them it's because MacLife killed 555 cattle to make this bag for a contest I won. Also I eat cattle for breakfast, lunch and dinner and therefore I can bench press 170,953,875 lbs.



Woah. That would be awesome to have. I'm not sure why yet, but it would be awesome.



I want this bag so i can use it as a weight set. I dont think i can bench press more than the MacLife editors at the moment. But I'm dreaming big!



I've been trying to make a bag much like this for a couple years and after many scraps of leather and punctured fingers, I resigned to a humble nylon bag. The Saddleback could do what my current bag does, which is carry my sketching supplies and computer, but do so with the aesthetic quality appropriate to an artist.
As for out-benching the editors? I'm confident I can take them on individually. I need a lot more p90x before challenging their collective strength.



A stylish but poor middle school teacher needs a way to stay hip without breaking the bank. The saddlebag will keep his 15" Pro safe & sound. Outlifting the editors should be no problem, though he can resort to mental lifting if necessary.



It's not a purse! It's a satchel! Indiana Jones wears one.



nice bag



I want it because I'm getting ready to kick of my new website (It's not live yet) and this bag absolutely fits with the branding. As far as the bench press thing goes, there is no way in hell I could compete with all those guys in the picture, looks like members of a prison road gang before lunch.


Jyri Erik

Why do I want it? Simple. My father had a briefcase that looked VERY similar to that case, albeit without all the straps, so it brings back memories for me.

As far as benchpressing more than the staff, if all of them combined, then no. Otherwise, which Editor? I'm sure I can beat a few, but others could beat me.




This Carry bag looks intense! You have to wonder after it all, have they thought of the shipping charges?!

This would fit nicely into my wardrobe... I'll take it off of your hands!

I'm sure I could out bench press the Mac/Life editors, but then again, I don't go to (what looks like ) Hooters for my lunches!

Love yah Mac/Life !



My uses for the Saddleback Bag:

I could transport my apple gear. (I'd bet I'm a bigger fan than you, MacLife editors)
I could carry my speakers from classroom to classroom. (I'd bet I teach more kids music than you do)
I could carry my music ministry materials to choir practice in style. (My last bag exploded)
I could carry my youth ministry items discreetly and hide them from the kids view. (Dog biscuits!)
i could do all these things and make my biceps and pecs EVEN MORE awesome than the MacLife editors.



I would love to have some Saddleback leather that is not in their 'get you hooked, cheaper stuff category'!

I can not bench press your employees or whatever the question was...



I would enjoy this bag because I'm an Anthropology major at the University of South Carolina, and I do a lot of archaeology work outside and it sometimes requires me to bring my trusty MacBook along and I have yet to find a sturdy carrying bag for it other than a tore up backpack from my freshman year in high school. About the bench pressing because its a heavy bag...PSSSHH I used to carry a 60 lb bass amp up steps just about everyday when I lived at home and played in a band.



There are times in life when you have to retreat into your bag. This would be a suitable pouch for me to retreat into. Then, when I'm ready, I could fill this saddle bag for Pegasus with weight lifting equipment, my iMac, my Plug Charger bicycle and anything under ten pounds recommended by Flo, Susie or Nick. This bag would be a life changing event in anyone's life, especially mine.



With this bag I could carry any books I happen to need for work. IF that is a current picture of the editors, then yeah, I could out bench press one, maybe two of them.



I would love to win it just so I could carry all my gear, and get a workout in all at the same time! :)



Love the bag!!!

If I load it up or not, I could replace my gym work outs.



I want the bag. It sure looks grand and while I'm not douchy enough to own a BMW, I'd rather have a bag that looks like I can.



My great grandfather had bag like this that was passed down to his son then to my father and then on to me and son it will be time to pass it on to my son but I was robbed on a train and the family bag was taken along with lots of family keepsakes including old family photos that could never be replaced. I know this bag wouldn't be the same but it could add to the history of the passing of the bag and it would make for a great story. Thank you.