Win a $500/500lb Bag!



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I need that bag so I can practice bench pressing it so I will eventually be stonger.



I would love to give this to my hubby for our 35th anniversary, which is coming up in a few months (June). I'm planning on buying him a MBP and this would be a super-awesome way to present it to him.

Thanks for entertaining me for so long with your podcast and enlightening me with your magazine. I'm looking forward to the new video-cast.




yes a very useful product for managing ones everyday carry items



Holy frickin' crap! My inner Indiana Jones simply MUST have this! I'll finally have a place to put my whip, revolver and an extra pair of skivvies (you know, mom always said I should have a fresh pair handy)!

And, to answer your question about bench-pressing, let me ask you this: did you ever see Indiana Jones bench-pressing anything? No, you didn't. He was scoring chicks, beating the crap out of nazis and discovering the best loot on Earth! My wife wouldn't be happy with the chicks part, but the rest is a go.



Cause I like to win stuff. And yes, I can out bench them all!!!!!






I need this bag so I don't look like the typical stuffy suited lawyer!

I may be able to take on the editors in a game of Farkle, but definitely not in the weight room!



I would probably use it for school. :(



Why do I want it? So I can do as much damage to the TSA Agent's lower back as they do to my dignity. Can I bench-press more than the editors? Not ALL of them (particularly not if you're adding it all together), but probably a few independently.



I'm getting old(38)'s time I start looking like a "Dad"..this would be a good start!



I could use this bag or satchel as "Indiana Jones" may call it as an elementary school principal to carry all the loads of paper work, the iPad, iPhone, and Macbook Pro in to work every day. It looks very professional and appears that it will hold up well! Hope I win!



new father looking to separate his Macbook & iphone from dippers, baby wipes and animal crackers while still looking like he has it all together.



It would be perfect for carrying my MBP and school textbooks etc.



I Love these bags I have been saving for one and now a chance to win one.



Well I could use this bag to escape 2012 and the coming Apocalypse. It would fit nicely on a lama heading up the mountains of Peru!!!!



Seeing as how I live in Texas this is very fitting. I'm actually a fashion photographer and what a great accessory this rustic heavy bag would be haha.



I love this bag! While paying for 2 kids in college and another right behind them, it will be awhile before I can afford to splurge on myself for something like this. This is exactly what I would be looking for in a bag -- something indestructible, but gorgeous at the same time. This bag would get a lot of use outta me (working to pay for all that college!) I am also happy to have been introduced to the Saddleback Leather Company.



I just want to be left holding the bag. I don't want to be an udder loser!



I live in northern Alberta, Canada. (Frigged Oil Country) What would throw these frosted hillbilly rednecks off more than another frosted hillbilly techno redneck rockin a man purse?

P.S. If I win, I'll try to capture video of when I get my @ss kicked. ;)



Oh I could totally use that bag. I have a 15" MBP, an iPad and all kinds of junk. If you're not going to give away an 11" Air, this is what I need! Protection, durability, and beauty. What more could you ask for?

And yes. Probably on the bench pressing.




Because I want to "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish".



That bag would look so awesome as my briefcase, so I must win it. And there's no way I could out-benchpress you guys.



This bag would be great when I take my Stagecoach tours and Horseback rides. Seriously, a travel bag that was made to take a beating. Thanks for the chance to win it.



A bit of extra weight, as far as the messenger bag is concerned, is actually a plus. I'm one of those people who parks a bit farther from an entrance so I can walk the extra distance. Carrying some extra weight (and a gorgeous weight it is, too) would just add to the bits of self-imposed extra effort I go through every day. This is particularly important since I'm a writer; every minute of exercise is valuable.

Despite my love of technology, I do not like looking at it. I'm not steampunk, really--more of a techno-Luddite who goes so far as to heat the house with a wood stove. My iPad, iPod Nano, iPhone and MacBook are skinned and covered to make them look less techy, and I hide my desktop machine (the "Big Mac") when it's not in use. The bag reminds me of a combination of those lovely, old, leather travel valises and a saddle bag. The weathered look is perfect.

Oh, and I sincerely doubt that I could bench-press more than the MacLife eds, as there is but one of me, and many MacLife editors.



I am a student! i need to carry everything! and this would fit it perfectly...and i could probably out lift the staff!



How else can I carry my mobile office? Apple IIe, acoustic modem, daisy wheel printer for professional copy that looks like a real typewriter! I mean, come on, man, this is the way to get hip with the youngsters who are all about mobile. Or is that Mobile? Oh, heck, do I have to move to Alabama to be cool?

Can I bench press more than the MacLife editors? Sure, I can bench press all the MacLife editors, and more! Say, a small car. It's OK to do this in zero G, right? Because otherwise I might change my mind...



I could use that thing to carry around the equipment for P90X that I am using right now. Therefore, I know I could bench press more than you...



my vespa "Gonzo" is in need of a side-car... if you remember back to childhood years, Gladys the cow was infact a regular on the Muppet Show. So what better way to honor that trip down memory lane than by putting a fantastic piece of hide on the side of a blue vespa that hurls through the San Francisco air like a muppet shot out of a cannon??? Seriously MacLife, you could infact "pimp my ride"!!!



I would love this bag. For one it would be a lot easier carrying my Macbook, iPad, iPhone and my iMac on the bus in Seattle. Second the bag could also be used to scare off wild dogs, crazy attacking birds and the mob of mad cows that would be pissed to see their brother as a bag. Third it goes well with any outfit I own. Last but not least it rains in Seattle a lot and this bag is perfect for protecting my technology from the harsh weather we have to live in. (Also protect from the 4 months of sun we have during our great summer months)

I dont know who wouldn't want this bag but know I should have it.

As for out bench pressing the editors not going to happen, but as a runner I could out run you.



the very first thing that comes to mind is "SOLID"!!!
I'm very anal about the way I take care of my macbook pro, and looking at that bag, it says my laptop will be nice and cushy if I drop this bag at the airport as i've already done a few times.

I'm also sure that this bag will protect my macbook pro better than the way I currently carry mine around; I use a padded folio, then take the folio and put it inside the computer bag, where I also carry a 1TB hard drive, an external burner, and a flip camcorder. My bag is already about 5 or 6 pounds as it is, so I'll definitely be able to handle this awesome bag.



I could use this bag because I'm fresh out of college and just started working for an mobile development company. I can't afford to buy a new bag to carry my work gear due to my college loans.

This would really help me out!



Nice bag... wouldn't mind having that as my bag of choice...



I could use this bag, cuz it would sure beat the one I use now that my wife got from some crappy trade show!



i really do need this bag.. i work offshore for a living.. so i am gone 3 weeks and then i am home 3 weeks.. when i leave i need a sturdy bag for my journey.. long car ride, then a helicopter ride. i also need one big enough to hold all my provisions for 3 weeks. ipad, macbook air. externals.. not to mention all my toilitries and what-not... so in summary,, i do,, really really needs this bag



That is one beautiful bag. It's only going to get better when it get's used and abused. I can see a little Indiana Jones in it. Cheers!



Pick me! I want it to carry stuff. I can bench press more than Susie.



I recently found out I was kidnapped when I was four years old. So, this can store all that crappy baggage I just found out about, and in style I might add =)



I would love to have that sweet leather piece of goodness to carry my Macbook Pro and iPad. Just think of all the goodies I could take on the road with me.....OH, and I could totally bench press more than any of you guys. Bring it on....LOL



I could totally use this for school, I lug my ipad, and books around everywhere. Using this bag would be extremely great and make everywhere around me envious. It would be perfect!!



I would prefer a 1,000lb bag but this would be just dandy. If I do not win this bag I will be sad and would likely throw away my 20 years of sobriety and drink myself into a stupor only to wake up three days later in a cheap motel in Albuquerque, NM (having no idea how I got 1459.73 miles from home) with nothing left but spare change and my lousy 250lb laptop bag.



Oh Heck Yes!!! I could deffinately use this bag!
My Macbook pro should be in any day now :)
It could also hold my IPAD, Touch, Nano, and earbuds along with other essentials like Funyuns and Sour Patch Kids.... Delicious!

And im gonna go with no, I probably couldn't bench press more than the editors.



Looks like the perfect thing to haul around my freelance gear or hide a body! I need one!



Can't wait



My wife says I need this to carry my ego around in.



As my Grandpappy once said before going out to conquer the West. "Always carry your essentials == your MacBook, iPad, and that iTunes-gadget. Then you will always be prepared to face the unknown." I have always listened to my Grandpappy's advice.



I so love this bag! The workmanship is incredible and it looks like something that would be in the family forever. I may only be 4'8", but I'll still rock this bag anyway. And of course I can bench press more than you, why else would I be doing pilates and yoga everyday??



i would use it to carry all of my mac-related goodness like my iPad and Macbook. either that or i will give it to my friend who hinted for a new messenger bag.

honestly, i don't think i can bench-press more than the maclife editors. however, i can beat them in tennis.



I cannot comment on my bench press prowess. I can comment on my French press prowess, and if I win this bag, I pledge to make the entire Mac Life crew the best cup of Joe you've ever had. I will use this bag to carry my French press rig, one gallon of the purest glacier melt - now with fewer Sherpa leavings, and the finest bean my meager salary affords. Certainly not that stuff that is harvested from Civet cat poo, but maybe a Sumatran or Ethiopian. I'm guessing a bag like this could hold at least a couple Sumatrans, but I'm actually referring to the coffee beans indigenous to those regions.

In closing, pick me. I am not yet awesome, but I am mediocre-plus and I can dance. This bag will definitely elevate me to awesome.



Would really love to win this bag. I enter lots of contests, but never seem to win. Am retired on very limited budget and no substantial income.



Well i work for a Medical Equipment Company and always carry my Macbook Pro w me as well as lots of paperwork. I actually have a really crappy one that looks like this ones younger less musclebound adopted brother. And its falling apart like you wouldnt believe. So this bag would be a awsome late xmas gift for Xavier.