Win a $500/500lb Bag!



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Well in a weather of -40 degrees celcius (like the one around here lately). I could use this bag to keep my poor macbook and ipad nice and warm. As well as hiding some things I dont want to see all the time (but still have to carry with me), like my Mcat study guide.

As well as to keep the entire editors team in it and let them out (league of justice style) during my paper writting season in school.

Bench press the mac editors? I've already been carrying more weight in books for the last 6 months everyday..



I could use it b/c I've been looking for a replacement bag to carry my iPad and soon to be ordered MacBook Pro. Thanks for the chance. I'm not hiking miles with it, so the weight is a non issue.



I need it to hide the fact that I have to carry a PC laptop, and that looks really well suited to concealing a PC. Maybe at the bottom of the local river.

Editors? I can take 'em. They've been carrying that bag around!



I could use that thing. Don't know for what yet, but I know I could use it.