Amateur Monster Hunters Claim to Find Loch Ness Monster with Apple Maps



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Calot Med

I checked it on the Maps app on my MacBook and it is definitely there. Then I opened Google Maps on my Nexus 5 and looked at the exact same position. Nothing there. I moved a bit north and found a ship that has the EXACT same shape as this, only showing clearly that it is a ship. So, someone at Apple is just pranking us, in a very lame way. That really doesn't even look like a fish.



Typical Apple user not knowing how the technology they use actually works.. Apple's and Google's satellites have nothing to do with each other and the pictures are taken at entirely different times on different days and even different years by entirely different satellites. Clearly your assumption is nothing but incorrect. Here's a thought to maybe get you out of your bubble... Try Googling what you talk about before making invalid comments like that.