Win! Huge Headphones



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The last time I saw something big was at the beach a few days ago when I was out surfing. It was a three meter wave. Not exactly very small...



Sitting on a plane for 10 hours coming back from Europe with only earbuds and the person beside me snoring for 6 hours. Doesn't get much better than that


ilove my mac

My friend Franklin... Screaming like a girl...



I work as a cameraman and was recently shooting recreations for a show about people who experienced near death experiences. One story involved a grizzly bear attack and production brought a live grizzly to recreate the scene. I was told to find my position low to the ground to shoot up at the grizzly that they were getting ready to bring on to set (out in the woods).

Unless you've been in a similar situation, you've never experienced looking straight up at a live grizzly literally inches from your face. Yes, I changed my underwear after that shoot.



...and in 25 years of DJing, I have never ran across a reception this BIG! Thr newlyweds had over 3,000 guests at this monster of a party. Those headphones would help!



Loud has never been as loud as 70 teenage girls (cheer and pep squad) on a school bus on the way to a big game. It's not regular loud. It's screechy teen girl loud. It's been several years and I don't think I'll ever get my hearing back. I still want to curl up in a ball and hope my mommy rescues me. Feel my pain...



I was able to literally get an incredible picture of the "man on the moon"! Never have i seen it so vivid and alive as i did a couple nights ago, Sep 13!



Sixteen-inch guns, near-death experience, big city, double-Mac bands --hard to beat all of that! The closest I can come to those is a looooonnnnnnng way away from those. But I'll try!

I was the half-time announcer at football games while in college. One night, they had a massed bands concert. There were marching bands from goal line to goal line, and sideline to sideline. I was in the announce booth, with the window open, when the first notes were played (they had marched on the field to a set of drums, kind of quiet like.) I learned in a hurry what the threshold of pain felt like!



BIG sound coming from the first show where i saw BK & Mr E. two guys in marching band uniforms, 2 mac laptops, and lots of big chords.


chuck B

Can't really touch Muridae Man's story (true or not, it IS a great story) but the biggest thing I ever heard was a salvo from the 16" guns on the USS WISCONSIN when she was recommissioned back in the 1980s.

You've never heard loud until you've heard a battleship let loose with 16" rounds. 'Course, they're all decommissioned now and very unlikely to ever shoot again, but it's an awesome sound. The newsreels from WWII do NOT do it justice!



Whenever i look at my old Compaq "portable" computer on my storage shelf, i can't help but think just how big a compact computer used to be! How times have changed.



Way back in 1987 I went to my first rock concert. It was Iron Maiden. "Big" doesn't do it justice. LOUD! FIRE! POUNDING DRUMS! GIANT ZOMBIE! EXPLOSIONS! SCREAMING GUITARS! BIG!!! Changed my life.



I was on a trip to Chicago where they recently unveiled a new statue of Marilyn Monroe recreating the "skirt blowing" scene from The Seven Year Itch. The statue stands about 26 feet high. That's big!

As a first runner up, last year I had the good fortune of being at The Ballpark at Arlington to see the Giants win game 4 of the World Series and set up their triumphant return to San Francisco where they want on to win the 2010 World Series. That of course wasn't big, it was Giant! [insert groans here]



I'm kind of a country boy. I mean not in the literal sense like fast trucks, NASCAR and country music, but more of in the sense of I've never spent a lot of time in big cities. So the firsts time I went to Chicago, my mind was blown. All the buildings seemed like they touched the sky and the streets went on forever in any direction. It was amazing.



Well I was walking my dog late one night on a boardwalk near Charleston SC. I placed my nose right into the middle of a 6 foot web that an orange sized spider had strung across the boardwalk. I leaped into the bushes in complete fright mode. That was big for me.


Muridae Man

You probably won't believe this, and I don't blame you--if it hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't believe it either. When I was 21, I was involved in an incident that ended up killing me; I clearly remember the flatline sound from the heart monitor and the sounds of the ER fading away. The next thing I know, I'm up in the corner of the room looking at all the activity around my body, but I wasn't scared, and felt detached from the whole thing--like watching a movie. What was BIG about it was that at the same time that I was looking down at this scene, I could also see the entire world. It's hard to explain, but it wasn't like I was in space looking down at the planet--I could literally see everything, everywhere, and everybody. It all happened very fast (they defibrillated my heart within a few seconds), but it also felt like a lifetime. If I concentrate real hard, I can sort of get that view again, but it's just a memory of the view. It gave me a whole new perspective on life, and how small we really are, but that we are part of something much bigger.



My Girl called me recently and asked me what my plans where for the Opening Game of the Football season; Packers vs. Saint. Thinking that I was going sitting at home watching it alone she says take her out and lets watch the game on the big screen at a nearby bar. The season could not of gotten off to a better start.