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6 Essentials For a Well-Appointed Paperless Office

Paper shredder

Now that you’re in the throes of converting all your paper pulp into digital files with your trusty ScanSnap, you might find yourself in need of some gadgets to make life easier. Here's the short list of equipment you’ll need in your new paperless office.

5 Reasons to Go Paperless—And 5 Tips for Making the Transition


We all have scanning needs, but how many of us are really taking advantage of the full breadth of benefits that “going paperless” affords? Indeed, scanning hard copies and then shuttling them off to the recycling bin offers a lot of benefits that most people never consider. And wouldn’t you know, we have five of those benefits to share with you now…

Backing Up Your Paperless World

USB drive

In the process of converting all of your paper treasures to scanned copies, the importance of backing up digital files is more pressing than ever – and an ounce of prevention can save you from a level of heartbreak (and acid indigestion) that no decent person should ever have to endure. Mac storage is cheaper than it’s ever been, which should motivate you to consider backing up your data right now.