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Sending Paperless Documents to, Umm, Paper-full Fax Machines

Fax machine

While modern conveniences like scanners promise to reduce the piles of paper permeating our lives, our current reality is quite different. Sure, email has become the standard of electronic communications, and it cuts across all geographical and age boundaries. But there’s still an analog, paper-based technology that persists: the venerable Fax.

Master Image Quality with Your Scanned Graphics

Mastering Image Quality

While the Fujitsu ScanSnap line was created to offer the best speed and features in text-heavy document scanning, lots of owners have discovered that these devices are capable of delivering perfectly decent graphics scanning as well.

How can I scan to JPEG with my ScanSnap?

ScanSnap s300m

Scanning documents to JPEG with the Fujitsu ScanSnap is very easy once you understand one simple rule, first and foremost, always make sure to turn off "auto color detection" in the ScanSnap Manager.

Does ScanSnap create multi-page PDFs or single page PDFs?

PDF icon

The Fujitsu ScanSnap creates both, single and multi-page PDFs. As a matter of fact, you can control exactly what you want to do by setting your ScanSnap to do single page PDFs, multiple page PDFs, or set it up to create multiple page PDFs for every X number of documents you scan.

How to Back Up Your Mac with Time Machine

Time Machine

Sooner or later, you will lose files and/or your hard drove will die, so you have to be prepared. Fortunately, Time Machine—the backup application built in to Leopard—makes backups a no-brainer. With this guide, backing up is even easier.