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Portable External Hard Drive Roundup

Portable drive

Looking for somewhere to store your paperless world? Hard drives remain the leader for storage and speed versus size. While flash-based USB drives remain the tiniest drives out there, physical size isn’t everything. Hard drive makers continue to put a lot of R&D into raising performance and increasing storage density.

Online Storage Battle: Which Cloud Back-Up Service Reigns Supreme?

Online storage

OK, so you’ve scanned your life silly. Your personal papers: scanned. Your tax records: scanned. Your grade school reports cards: Yes, inexplicably, scanned. But how, exactly, do you protect all these PDFs from data death? Many folks are turning to online document back-up services—they’re saving their PDFs to “The Cloud.” Click the jump link, and see how Mac|Life rates five popular offsite storage services. (And then get those PDF puppies saved!).