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Why We Love the SANYO Xacti

Why We Love the Xacti

True to its word, the SANYO Xacti is a real "dual camera." It shoots video, and it takes still shots. It even does them both at the same time, and it's the most impressive selling point about this amazing alternative to both a standard pocket camera and a point-and-shoot video camera.


Hands-On With the SANYO Xacti


Meet Chris, he's a videographer/filmmaker who just got a hold of his own Sanyo Xacti FH1A camera. Check out his four-part video project where he goes hands-on with the SANYO Xacti dual camera.


Offline and Online Options for Sharing Your Video

Sharing your video

So you've shot your perfect home video... now what? Well, you need to get it into the hands of an audience, of course, and you have a number of options, both online and offline, for sharing your creation.


Simple Video Editing Tips & Tricks

Distributing unedited and untrimmed video is no way to dazzle your friends and family. Take a few tips from the professionals and turn raw video into impressive, well-edited masterpieces.


SANYO Camcorders and iFrame from Apple—The Perfect Combination

Xacti cameras

Stunning video quality. Spectacular high-res still images. Effortless importing and editing in all your favorite Mac and PC programs. Yes, you can have it all in a single lightweight, handheld camcorder with SANYO’s latest Xacti Dual Camera. Xacti VPC-HD2000A and Xacti VPC-FH1A are the world’s first camcorders to include support for iFrame, a new consumer-friendly video format from Apple.


Why High Definition?

High-definition. It sounds impressive, but what is it really? Are high-definition, or HD, features and content really worth seeking out? Why is high definition important? Find out what it is and what it means for displaying not only your video but also your high-quality still images.


What is a Dual Camera? All About the Xacti Line

Few cameras on the market are genuinely designed to handle both still and video photography with equal ease. SANYO's Xacti line is different. By combining the video abilities of a camcorder with the photo-capture abilities of a digital camera, the Xacti truly gives you the best of both worlds.


Understanding High-Definition Video Standards

Video formats aren't nearly as intuitive as still photo formats, and literally dozens of formats have come and gone over the years, frustrating many a consumer who finds that his current-generation hardware suddenly won't play last year's home movies. SANYO's Xacti cameras capture high-definition, 1080p video in the ISO standard format known as MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, which ensures it will be viewable for years to come.

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