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Offline and Online Options for Sharing Your Video

Sharing your videoSo you've shot your perfect home video... now what? Well, you need to get it into the hands of an audience, of course.

The easiest option with both the Dual Camera Xacti VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A requires minimal effort on your part: Just connect an HDMI cable to the camcorder and plug it into any HDMI-capable TV or receiver. Both cameras include all the circuitry required (the HD2000A's HDMI port is in the included base station) to output high-definition to any TV or monitor. Just plug the camera in and play the video back normally.

For a more permanent solution — or for sharing multiple copies of your video creations — burning a DVD makes good sense, since special hardware (beyond a standard DVD player) is not required. Most movie-editing software includes DVD burning features, including Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, Corel Digital Studio, and Windows Movie Maker, and once your video is imported into a video-editing application (simple with the industry-standard format support that the Dual Cameras offer), it can just as easily be output to disc as often as you'd like.

Another option: Save your movie in MP4 or iFrame format to a flash-based storage medium. Many set-top devices (and most computers) now include ports for SD cards or USB thumbdrives, letting you connect storage devices directly without having to burn an optical disc.

Physical media is only half of the picture. Online options let you share your creations with as much of the world as you feel comfortable with, and with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The most obvious way to share video online is through the copious video-sharing websites of the world. YouTube is inarguably the most popular of these sites, but its 10-minute limit on uploaded video may pose a challenge for those with a lot to say. Metacafe, Veoh, and Vimeo are all also high-quality sharing websites, but each of these also has limits on how large uploaded videos can be.

One challenge with many video sharing sites is that, while they're simple to use, viewers can't download the videos for posterity but can rather only watch them in their browser. Another option for sharing videos widely is to upload the files to a file-sharing website like Megaupload, Mediafire, or File-sharing sites don't let you stream video directly but rather host it for later download. You supply a URL to your friends and family and they download copies at their convenience for later playback on their computer or for burning to a DVD. All of these sites have limits on the size of the file you can upload, but if you pay extra for premium service, those limits are usually drastically increased.


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