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Hands-On With the SANYO Xacti: iFrame

Hands-On: iFrame

Meet Chris, he's a videographer/filmmaker who just got a hold of his own Sanyo Xacti FH1A camera. This week, he covers the Xacti's iFrame format, which helps simplify the editing process with iMovie.

Hands-On With the SANYO Xacti: Slow Motion

Hands-On: Slow Motion

Week two of the series. Chris demonstrates the slow motion feature of the Sanyo Xacti, and we get acquainted with Nate Maggio and Caitlin Dissinger, the two actors he has cast in his short film. Things get heated in this "Behind the Scenes" look at the creative process.

Hands-On With the SANYO Xacti: Sequential Stills

Hands-On: Sequential Stills

In this episode, the team's location scouting excursion doesn't exactly turn out as expected. Plus, Chris demonstrates shooting with sequential high-speed stills.

Hands-On With the SANYO Xacti: iFrame

Hands-On: Special Effects

In this video, Chris demonstrates the special effects capabilities of the Sanyo Xacti FH1A. Also, follow the exciting conclusion of the team's location scouting mishaps from the last episode.

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