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Why We Love the SANYO Xacti

True to its word, the SANYO Xacti is a real "dual camera." It shoots video, and it takes still shots. It even does them both at the same time, and it's the most impressive selling point about this amazing alternative to both a standard pocket camera and a point-and-shoot video camera.

In both versions — the horizontally-aligned VPC-FH1A and the pistol-gripped, vertically-aligned Xacti VPC-HD2000A — shooting video is an outstanding experience. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the Xacti can shoot video at 60 frames per second, offering a full 1080p experience, the highest-quality HD video available.

Want slow-motion? You got it. By shooting at up to 600 frames per second, the Xacti can slow the action down to a crawl, one-tenth normal video speed. A 16x advanced zoom lens lets you get right up into the action.

The quality of the Xacti's video is second to none. SANYO's 3D noise reduction system takes into account signal noise not just in a single frame of video, but also in the frame preceding it, making for a smoother, crisper picture. Add to this the Xacti's electronic image stabilization system, which intelligently understands the difference between an intentional pan and accidental camera shake, and you'll soon see that the Xacti's video image quality is unparalleled.

Face Chaser TechnologyMost users who are shooting video tend to shoot their friends and family, and that's why SANYO includes a "Face Chaser" function in the Xacti line. With Face Chaser, the Xacti can follow the faces of up to 12 subjects, ensuring that the people you care about most are always in focus. It can even identify subjects when they're shot in profile instead of head-on.

But the Xacti isn't just a video camera, it's also a world-class still camera, too. Its 8 megapixel sensor means you can shoot photos suitable for printing at just about any size, and all of the video camera's features work when shooting stills — including the Face Chaser feature and the digital image stabilizer.

With its wide dynamic range, still image quality is exceptional even under less than ideal lighting. We also love the "reverse sequential shooting" system: As long as you hold the Photo button down, the Xacti captures still shots. Release your thumb from it and the camera records the most recent images you shot before you let go of the button to the camera's storage card. You'll never miss a shot, because the Xacti is always grabbing as many photos as it can.

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