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Mac Pro (Late 2013) Review

While the old Mac Pro limped along, receiving half-hearted updates (and wasn’t even available for sale in some countries), Tim Cook promised that Apple was “working on something really great” for pros. We expected to see something new and unusual, but the extent to which Apple has reinvented its high-end desktop is astonishing.

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11-Inch 2013 MacBook Air Review

The 2013 MacBook Air refresh brings us two 11-inch and two 13-inch models, with the Airs of matching screen size differentiated solely by their solid-state storage capacity. The cheaper options come with 128GB, while the more expensive ones boast 256GB, with a custom option of 512GB for an extra $300. For the 11-inch Airs reviewed here, this is double the size of the previous generation, which offered 64GB and 128GB respectively.