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Another day, another round of articles about the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 software and OMG have you heard that Apple makes this cool phone?

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Rumor: App Store to Launch June 27

 TUAW, posted this screenshot from the Australian iPod touch page that shows the App Store launching June 27. That's a bit earlier then the "early July" official statement from Apple. We searched the site looking for this image and tried looking at cached versions of the site from yesterday with no luck. So either the image was only up for a few moments today and then quickly pulled and someone is now searching for a new job, or it's a mockup created by the TUAW tipster. We sent a query to TUAW about the image and will update when we find out who took the image in question. Regardless, if this is true, yippppeeee! 

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  Truth be told, the necessity of the screensaver is behind us. Since CRT monitors have gone the way of the 12-inch Powerbook, most people don't need to worry about screen burn. Yet we still love screensavers. Why? Some of them do useful things. Others are pure eye-candy. Your friends couldn't care less about seeing TPS reports on your new Cinema Display, but fire up one of these cool screensavers and watch as everyone becomes mesmerized.

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 Macs are expensive. Let’s just go ahead and admit that right away. Yes, they’re the best computers on the market, and each new Mac includes useful software like Mail, Safari, TextEdit, and the iLife suite for no extra charge. But many consider certain high-priced software packages—specifically, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, although the list doesn’t end there—to be so standard that they’re practically required purchases. Indeed, when people ask us about switching from a PC to the Mac, one of the first questions usually is, “I’ll have to rebuy Office, won’t I?” Not necessarily.

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Webapps Keep the iPhone Busy

Now that Apple has released the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware that allows users to automatically find their location in Google Maps and customize their home screens, it’s just a matter of waiting a few short weeks for all those third-party apps to start pouring in. But in the meantime, there might be a couple Web-based gems that you might have missed.