Apple Inc.

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  Apple doesn't send its brave retail employees into the trenches without proper training. To prepare the Apple Army, the company has issued an internal document outlining how to deal with customers on July 11.

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  Greenpeace has ranked Apple 11th in its Guide to Greener Electronics. The organization ranks the top market leaders of electronics on their policies and practices on toxic chemicals and take-back.

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  Come on, Steve only makes a dollar, so what's the big deal? Well, this: It's come to light that Apple's software engineers make significantly less than their counterparts at other Silicon Valley companies. New startup Glassdoor collected the salary information (seen here in handy bar-chart format), finding that Apple engineers make $89K while Microsoft and Yahoo pay $105K and Google more than $112K.  So now people are wondering if the company will experience a talent exodus, be forced to raise salaries, or merely remain secure in its belief that the employees want to work at Apple because it's Apple. Blogger Oren Hurvitz then calculated what the lower salaries may have meant to Apple's bottom line in recent years, with interesting results, while CNET's Matt Asay points out that they get stock too. (Check out the back-and-forth in the comments about whether those stock options are really worth the lower salary, especially with the roller-coaster ride Apple stock has been on lately.) What do you think, would you be cool with making $19K less if it meant you were working at 1 Infinite Loop and not...wherever Yahoo's building is? Or do you think Apple should share the wealth a little more? (Or do you just wish you had a job?) Sound off in the comments -- you know you want to.