Apple Store

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  China will get its first Apple retail store this summer according to an article in Shanghai Daily. Apple China’s website announced that the new store will be located in the Sanlitun area of Beijing, the city’s most fashionable district. The Shanghai Daily says that an industry insider has tipped them off with some details, “Apple will open the three-floor store on July 19 and will open a second Retail Store in Beijing during the Olympics.”  The Chinese newspaper also postulates that the new iPhone may join the other Apple products available in the new stores. There has been no official word from Apple China on the exact opening dates and times of these new stores.

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 Army Retail Strong  The U.S. Army recruiting center in New York City looks like a standard office, with desks and PCs. Pictures of the newest recruits line an office wall, and posters of soldiers dominate the other side. At the far end is a doctor’s scale. And except for two friendly recruiters (one of whom is surprisingly tech-savvy), the center is empty. The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is white and clean, and bustling with activity. Patrons glide from station to station, playing with the iPods, checking their email at the computers. At any given moment, a dozen employees are answering questions or demonstrating their favorite tech toys. Business is brisk.