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Sector 5 iPhone 5 Case Review

If you're looking for a minimal iPhone case, this isn't it. Sure, it looks cool, being machined out of aluminum and all. But this is the first case we've seen that needs a layer of vinyl strips to protect your phone from its case. And don't even get us started on the fact that the case comes with its own zippered protection case. Oh, and did we mention that you also might want to add the screwdriver key fob to your keyring, in case you need to get your phone out of this contraption? It's all a bit much, although that's sort of the point.

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The toughest iPhone cases are often the bulkiest, but Crimson's Aluminum case bucks that trend. Cladding your iPhone in a rigid frame of aircraft-grade aluminum, the case's minimal design offers protection from everyday scrapes.

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Dillocase for iPhone 5 Review

The Dillocase website describes the company's products as "no-frills, minimalistic iPhone cases," and we can't imagine a more apt description. The Dillocase is a standard two-piece hardshell design. Slide the top half over your phone, and the smaller bottom piece slides into place. The inside is lined in soft material to protect your phone from scratches.

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Hex Solo Wallet for iPhone 5 Review

Hex makes some really cool bags and cases, but the Solo Wallet is a bit underwhelming. Its plastic core snaps around your iPhone 5, and pebbly-textured leather is wrapped around that.