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Colorama Folio for iPhone 5 Review

If slim and stylish is what you're looking for, Uniea's Colorama Folio fits like a glove. The soft, textured cover offers a fair amount of grip, and comes in five eye-popping colors.

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Magia Wallet iPhone 5 Case Review

Sena's Magia Wallet feels and smells like fine Italian leather, because it is. The simple magnetic closure flips open to reveal your phone, plus room for three cards and a few bills. The style echoes classic ladies' pocketbooks, and the Magia wouldn't look out of place during a night out on the town.

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NuGuard KX for iPhone 5 Review

Newer Technology's NuGuard KX has been drop-tested according to military specifications. There's even a video on the company's website of a NuGuard-clad iPhone being dropped by some sadistic-looking robot thing, and emerging unscathed. The one-piece case snaps on, and is made of "hyper-advanced X-Orbing gel."

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Moshi iGlaze for iPhone 5 Review

For minimalists, iPhone cases are something of a dilemma. The iPhone is beautiful and sleek...but the majority of case options cover up Apple's storied design with something else entirely. On the other hand, Moshi's iGlaze is the least amount of case you can get and still call it a case.

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iLuv Pulse for iPhone 5 Review

iLuv's Pulse features a two-piece design that allows you to mix and match parts to create different color combinations. The base layer is a solid-color cover that covers the back and edges of your phone. It's unremarkable on its own, but the bright outer layer snaps on top, offering bold stripes in a contrasting color. The second layer also adds three-dimensional texture that helps the phone stay in your hand and off the pavement.

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Urban warriors will appreciate this simple one-piece snap-on case with bright illustrations from Fu-design, featuring London, New York, Paris, and Taipei.  There's no screen protector, but the back and edges of your iPhone will be guarded by three different layers. Two plastic layers are backed with a  durable aluminum alloy. Echo Creative assures us that the metal helps with heat dissipation, iPhone overheating really a problem that needs solving?

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X-Doria Engage Bamboo Review

The Engage Bamboo has a lot to like. The snap-on case's silver plastic looks like metal. It adds very little bulk to your iPhone 5. The etched logo on the bottom-left is unobtrusive and its texture actually adds just the tiniest bit of grip.