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Finding an iPhone case for under $20 is a bit easier than finding a sub-$20 case for an iPad. Cygnett's Red Vector deftly limbos that bar with its price of $19.99 for a glossy red case that protects the corners, sides, and back of your iPad mini from bumps and scrapes.

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If you're clumsy, or work outdoors, Cygnett's WorkMate is a heavier-duty case made of flexible plastic and rubber. Molded ridges on the inside claim shock-absorbing powers, but we're a bit skeptical that they'll add much more protection. WorkMate comes in Slate Blue or Khaki, which is actually a military green. The rubber  covers make your phone's buttons a bit harder to operate, but you may appreciate the additional protection in rougher environments.

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If minimalism is your thing, check out Cygnett's Polygon case. The Polygon comes in either clear or a slightly translucent blue, and the clean design won't add much bulk to your new iPhone 5. The back of this plastic shell features a series of triangles that form a modern hexagonal pattern. It'll protect your phone from scratches, and it's easy to put on and take off if you change cases frequently. The thin plastic features cutouts for buttons and ports.