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More about the Challenge, how you can participate, and how you can win awesome and valuable prizes for doing so. Any more questions? Just email Susie. The Challenge runs all through October, so open those wallets for the children!

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 I got a letter a little while ago that warmed the cockles of my cold, black heart and instantly gave me the brilliant idea for this, my triumphant return to writing blog posts for This letter was actually a bunch of letters, written by some cutiepants kids at Miraloma Elementary in San Francisco, to thank me for their classroom's new iPods.

True Learning

We all know the value of education, but a trickier decision parents have to make is when to start formally educating their kids. It’s becoming more common to send toddlers for a year or two of preschool before they start kindergarten at age 5. And the structure is a lot different than in years past—even kindergartners get homework these days.