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John Mayer and Steve Jobs, BFFs

 I was relieved when Randy Newman was the artist of choice for last week's keynote. Nothing against John Mayer as a person. He seems to have a good sense of humor and seems like a genuinely nice guy. But the guys music makes me want to nap the day away. 

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The Mac|Life Quiz Show

Expo goers answer a series of questions to win fabulous prizes.

 The head’s heavy that wears the crown and no head’s probably heavier than Lil’ Stevie Jobs is right now. Starting Apple Computer [now just plain ol’ Apple], along with friend Wozniak, building it up into some sort of modern colossus of miracle engineering (PERSONAL computers? Who’d a thunk it?), being summarily booted from company and then doing the hero’s return to rescue the company from imminent demise it’s been a rocky ride.

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iPod Exploded in Resin

 iPod Suffers Same Fate as Han Solo

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 Ousted Disney head-honcho and general Steve Jobs-hater Michael Eisner said that Apple was "taking the studios to the cleaners" in a Keynote speech at the Media and Money conference. He also stated that writers are striking for digital distribution profits that simply aren't there.

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The Selfish Mac Evangelist

 Anytime a family member asks what sort of computer they should buy I immediately shout, " Get a Mac!"

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This... Is... Awesome

Before Kathy Griffin, Woz was selling Datsuns. Check out the greatest 80's car commercial ever.

 Summer's almost over, but there may be a few of you who plan to visit the lovely San Francisco Bay Area on vacation. Serious Apple fans are probably thinking about visiting Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, CA, which is about 45 minutes south of San Francisco. Apple doesn't do tours of its campus, however. All you can really do is take pictures of the outside, or maybe drive around in the parking lot and play, "Guess which Benz belongs to Steve." (Sadly, the once popular Apple Icon Garden no longer exists.)

Fanboy Heaven in the Mailroom

I walked by the mailroom today and a row of Mac Pro boxes caught my eye. I walked into the mailroom to see what was up. This is what I saw. Um, are any of the boxes addressed to me? There were 14 Mac Pros and 18 Apple Cinema Displays (or was it 18 Mac Pros and 14 Displays?). The mailroom guys didn't know who they were for, except that the company IT department ordered them. Well, it was enough to make a fanboy drool. We'll see if I get one on my desk or not - IT wouldn't tell. 

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Susie Did Not Buy an iPhone

 I don't have an iPhone.  This is not exceptional, I know. Lots of people don't have iPhones. Even people who work for Mac magazines don't universally have them (and in case you're wondering, to my knowledge, no one at Apple has offered us a review unit -- we bought our own).  But not only did I not get one on June 29, I recently decided, after much hemming and hawing, that I'm not getting one for the forseeable future. I do think it's a truly amazing device. I'm just not buying it.