Start Your Day Right!

Caffeinated soap - and no, you don't drink it... The Web's best online store for All Things Geek, Think Geek, has started selling caffeinated soap under the product name Shower Shock. Apparently their target market is the übergeeks among us who have time for either coffee or a shower, but not both. Available in bar, travel, and liquid body-wash versions, Think Geek claims the product will deliver 200 milligrams of transdermal pep with every use. Now, I’m not an expert on the human geek condition, but given the stereotype, is caffeine without the pleasure of the beverage really enough to lure the hygienically challenged into the shower? I’m also concerned by Think Geek’s Customer Action Shots feature. There’s already one picture of a guy showering in there... 

iPhone Letdown

 It's late on Sunday night. My kids are asleep and baseball highlights are airing on the TV in the background. I'm taking a look at the AT&T emails that gave me so much consternation during my iPhone activation. Over 36 hours after I made my iPhone purchase, my iPhone is finally working.

Waiting for the iPhone

 A few days ago, Susie passed along this Get a Mac parody with South Park characters. The other night, I saw another Get a Mac parody on Late Show with David Letterman.

These games are oldies but goodies, and some of them you can get for free.