How to

How to: Buy The Right Camera

Choosing the right camera is ultimately a personal decision. Follow our step-by-step advice to help understand a camera’s critical features and help guide your purchase of the perfect digicam.

*without spending more than a grand

VLC Media Player 0.8.6b - Multiformat movie and audio player Check out our comprehensive collection of software, support, services, music, and more - all available for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

Podcast Like a Pro

1. PODCAST TRACK: Manage an enhanced podcast's artwork and Web links here.2. LOOP LIBRARY: Click the eye icon to load your loops.3. TRACK EDITOR: Flips into Chapter Manager mode when the Podcast Track is present.4. ART-ANNOTATED CHAPTER MARKERS: Spice up your audio podcast.5. MUSICAL TYPING: Play your Mac's keyboard like a piano.6. MEDIA BROWSER: All of your other iLife stuff is right here.7. DUCKING CONTROLS: Twiddle the arrows to set which tracks cause others to duck in volume. 

See Who's Sharing iTunes

 Mom may have taught you that sharing is good, but we know that snooping is even better. Case in point: It's nice to share your iTunes library with your peers over the network at school or work - but it's even better to eavesdrop on those peers and find out what kind of music they're listening to when they think nobody's paying attention.